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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  January 24, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm PST

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>> good afternoon, everybody, i'm larry beil >> mavericks surf invitational went off without a hitch. take a look at the view from sky seven hd. the waves and weather conditions nearly perfect. the giant swells came in giving two dozenest best big-wave surfers a lot of opportunities to show off their skills >> you have to be fearless. here is a will being at this year's winner grant twiggy drs baker from south africa. he's 40 years
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old, won both preliminary meets he was stoked when he got the news he'd won. >> i feel amazing, man. steve you went through this, i'm coming for you! >> surfing has some of the best nicknames. that is darrell "flea" barasco doing the interview. twiggybaker takes home $12,000 for the win. >> just spectacular views out there. some of the best pictures came courtesy of the go pro cameras on the front of the boards this, is a 41-year-old shane dorian riding a 40-foot monster, take a look at his facial expression here. just
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amazing. this is mark heely from hawaii rising a big wave is coming his way. you can just see the force of the break. key is to go as far as possible.. he does that. go pro is a privately held company. >> so it's key to be safe and careful and have good luck but there are near-perfect conditions and fanned thrilled as well. from sky seven wild ride is wonderful if you can survive it this, is you're watching and it's
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remarkable. >> yes. big waves and excitement here. hard to believe this was called a little less than 24 hours ago. they did not disappoint today. it's been called super bowl of surfing and conditions for the maf vicks were nearly perfect. these amazing shots captured when the competition began this morning. 24 surfers challenging waves as high as 45 feet this, competitor told us the weather and waves don't get much better than this, >> it's almost more challenging when conditions are good. because it's like how far do you want to push? no excuses you snow >> hours later the go pro camera captured this wipeout when caught inside of a wave. in the
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finals no one could beat 40-year-old grant twiggerbaker from south africa. he wins the top spot. >> that is awesome. >> big screens set up to watch the action but for those who wanted a view there yes boats available for $250 a person. >> are you going out there? >> $50,000 i'll give it a shot. >> surfers had to be here at 8:00 this morning and we're told grant "twiggy" baker barely made it. we're told do you get scared? they said no. there is no time.
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the waves coming up so fast. >> thank you >> if you have time to think about it, that is when you'll get scared. >> the waves did materialize here is a look at clouds moving through now. spots of moisture and a beach hazard, high surf advisory until 9:00 tonight. 40 foot waves and things started to calm down tonight. a good idea to stay way from the coastline. now, a live view from our camera looking over the bay. 60s in redwood city. 59 half moon bay.
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temperatures 70 degrees in santa rosa. here is a look at the forecast looking at western sky partly cloudy skies and sunny, mild tomorrow with high temperatures ranging from mid-60s to low 70s inland but there are changes in the forecast. spencer, thank you. >> did caltrans cover up mistakes and deneglects the interest of saving time? that is what a committee is looking into now in sacramento. laura? >> this hearing is going on behind me. from testimony to have today it does not paint a pretty picture of the inner workings of caltrans when it comes to documenting and discussing defects with the bay bridge. >> talking back to a manager
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was, with the project manager puts new harm's way. >> two top engineers testified they were told repeated by not to put their concerns about cracks and other defects in writing. >> to remind staff just make sure >> so -- >> after falsifications were discovered it became apparent to me that the problem was being kept secret and either ignored
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or covered up. >> i have no evidence, no reason to believe there is any coercion or anything like that. >> the senator says the sgoel to restore public confidence in caltrans. in sacramento, abc7 news. >> police still searching for a 17-year-old justice toliver's brother arcs accused of shooting and killing his sister yesterday afternoon. officers found the team mom in the laundry room of city center apartments she leaves hindz a 3-year-old she died oven the scene the family told the police just argued over justice bleaching mario's clothing. police say march heo is armed and dangerous. >> alameda county health officials reported another flu-related death this afternoon bringing a total number of fully flu deaths this season to 32.
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santa clara county health officials reported the h1n1 virus claimed two lives and both had under lying issues. eight people in santa clara county died from the flu this season. >> in san francisco, three workers were hurt when an illegal scaffolding collapsed. officials say three men ages 24, 50, 58 fell about 25 feet at least two of them suffered life-threatening injuries officials say there are no permits for work on a pair of homes on clayton street the owner faces criminal charges as well. >> authorities say faulty wiring is responsible for this house fire in pittsburgh the two-city home on tampico drive went up in flames this
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morning. it took on hour and a half to knock down. >> in value lowo a fast-moving fire caused a lot of problems this morning. >> this is what a woman saw when she woke up around 5:00 and looked out of the window. she and her son made it out but the fire did spread to their home. >> i'm flipping out. everything is gone. >> they said wind was blowing embers towards an apartment complex. >> we're watching it and started knocking on doors but ended up not evacuating them because we're able to get it down quickly. >> the fire burned one mobile home to the ground. neighbors say transients often break in and stay here the owner says the issue has been frustrating for him. >> it's just sad. i was always
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afraid of this. >> in the daylight she was allowed to retrieve what she could before they condemned it. it once belonged to her mother, who just passed away. i'm just trying to find my mom's jewelry. she had wedding rings from when her and my dad got married we lived here 20 years this, is everything. i don't know how to start over. >> family is helping her get through this the red cross gave her money to go buy clothes. >> still ahead the airport spruced up. a tour of the new look inside of terminal 3 >> plus, opening up your sevens smell. science behind what animals leave behind. >> a museum needs your help.
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>> and also, michael finney taking your questions and will be here live to answer them in just a few minutes. >> taking a look at the san mateo bridge traffic is hazy out there. stay with us.
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people who rang the bell
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were smiling today but investors weren't. the drop ends the worst week for the financial markets in 18 months. the investors are worried about a number of things china growth, a plunge in value of argentina currency and profit outlook for u.s. companies. >> the price of stamps going up this weekend by $0.03 from 46 to $0.49 beginning on sunday the hike is the largest in consumer postage in a decade and this after the agency's regulator gave the green light back in december to keep up with inflation to try to recoop losses the postal service says it lost $5 billion in the latest year. >> sfo's new terminal 3 opened to united travellers on tuesday. >> today we're going to give you a peek at new amenities there.
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lillian? >> sfo hoping boarding area e fits a gold standard in air travel, designed to give travellers a first-class experience. terminal 3 boarding area e has a mid century feel. whit comes to conveniences it's 21 century all the way. there are 375 power outlets and nine work stations. and the flight deck gives information. >> we provided a lot of luxury perks. and found this pays off. >> boarding area e opens on tuesday. and travellers can expect a living room feel, food, vendors from san francisco, a
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dressing room in rest rooms and a yoga room. >> this is the first yoga room in the united states airports that i'm aware of. >> the chairman, president and ceo of united put $50 million into boarding area e. >> so we're launching service to china and from a triple 7 >> boarding area e is the first phase, phase two completed in summer, 2015. >> abc 7 news is sponsoring community day. admission is free but tickets are require. >> to get one go to our web sxiet look under see it on tv. >> there is a new exhibit at san
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francisco zoo. you may like it or not. it's called the scoop on poop. advisors can touch fossilized dinosaur droppings or see dung beatles in action and how animals use poop to communicate. >> they poop in the same spot and they communicate through hormones and pheromone, what they are, their sexuality available, who is in town, that kind of stuff. >> like four square. there is an app for that. there are no fresh samples though line yoez next door provide a fitting aroama for the exhibit. it's just different. very different. >> that book is hugely popular. >> very popular book. yes. >> i have a nose for news. >> the way things are going now,
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dry spell continues and haze right now. tomorrow is another winter spare the air day. high clouds passing by and don't expect rainfall for some time. will be mild to warm this weekend. another winter spare the air day. and santa clara valley. signs of change next week maybe some rain coming our way, finally. here is a look at satellite image and animation see this pushed out to sea the pattern continues with movement of high clouds northward, giving us partly sunny, partly cloudy day mix of sun, clouds and dmoerj mild day
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tomorrow as well aa.long with a spare the air. tonight we'll see partly cloudy skies low temperatures in the 30s and 40s around the bay and near the coastline. tomorrow, mainly sunny day. sort of by afternoon hours, but we'll have clouds as well, upper 60s on the coast in, and around san francisco, upper 60s to near 70. low 70s inland areas of the east bay and south bay and north bay. 72 santa rosa. 72 napa. here is a look at the accu-weather forecast. a spare the air day for air quality unhealthful. no wood burning allowed under the law. high temperatures mid-70s inland tomorrow. monday, temperatures rebounding and cloudier
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conditions and a hint of moisture coming our way. by next weekend we may see sprinkles. >> sprinkles. >> have you to walk before you can look. >> thank you. >> okay. >> up next caught on video. interesting reason why police made this fake arrest. >> after 4:30 an exclusive one on one with tim cook and secrets to keeping a secret in
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hose who'd ewelcome to covered california. now, you can no longer be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at there is a unique home for sale in oregon coming with a railroad you can ride on the property includes 11,000 feet of track, a train yard, a
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tressel a tunnel, duck your head and a machine shopful one agent posted this video, all built by a master train builder tom miller saying now it's time to let someone take over what he's created. it's going to be $3.5 million. >> police in massachusetts helped a man pull off a surprise wedding proposal, caught on dash cam. >> he convinced police in new london to pretend to pull him over, then arrest him. and then pulled something out of his pock yichlt an engagement ring. >> i went from being terrified to probably the most ecstatic. he says the first time they met was in college when the party they were at was busted by
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police. >> so there is history with law enforcement. more ahead what police officers did before justin beiber's arrest. >> and a fight to take a pregnant woman's off life support. >> and a museum running out of time. what they're hoping you'll
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today' judge ordered a texas hospital to remove a pregnant brain dead woman off live support. the hospital has been keeping her on life support against her family's wishes. >> victory for the family the 33-year-old pregnant woman from texas has been kept on life support for two months. her husband urged the hospital to pull the plug on his brain dead wife. a move the hospital had argued was for by then but must now perform a judge's ruling. >> we're both paramedics and seen things in the field and we knew that we didn't want to be on life support. >> he found his wife unconscious
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saying she may have been without ex-again the fetus was just 14 weeks old at that time. new at 22 weeks attorneys say medical records show the fetus is abnormal, even at this stage, the lower extremities are deformed. >> we've reached a point where you know you wish your wife's body would stop. >> there is no twinkle in her eyes anymore. >> the hospital argued it's required to keep treating a pregnant patient to protect the fetus. >> we have a responsibility of making sure that we follow the laws whether state or federal when it comes to providing care to patients. >> her family cried in court after the judge's decision. he wrote she must be taken off life support by monday. abc news, los angeles. >> difficult situation >> the president of ukraine
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seems ready to made processions proposing the government reshuffle as well as amnesty to activists and promised change harsh antiprotest legislation sparking violence nationwide two months ago. former president gorbachov is urging the us to avoid civil war. >> violence in cairo is intensifying fears of a violent backlash against last summer's ouster of mohammed moresy. the blasts took place in anticipation of the third anniversary of the arab spring revolt. >> more fallout following at rest of justin beiber in
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florida. three officers have been suspended forgiving him an escort. he is free on bail after charges of dui, driving with an expired license, police say he smelled of alcohol. monday, three officers gave him an unauthorized escort from the nearby executive airport. a former virginia governor and his wife pleaded not guilty to corruption charges. the mcconnells indicted on 14 counts after a lengthy investigation with his relationship with a dietary supplement maker the jury trial set for july. >> two bills today designed to fix what happened last year at mill high school. both changing the way standardized testing agencies conduct investigations of tests and readministered
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tests. last year they were thrown out because seating arrangements were not following protocol. no suggests was suggested of cheating. >> it's never easy for a small museum to get funding. one must seem in danger of being lost forever. >> have you heard of the california historical radio society? second problem is more pressing. >> is this art? technology? culture? how about all in one collection? >> everybody today has some doeks radio. >> if nothing else, this former
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radio station. >> the problem is that we lost our lease the owner decided not to sell it. hence, packing and hauling. they need to raise $400,000 or else oochl we don't have good alternatives we'd have to find low cost storage. we don't have an answer. to this a 16-inch transcription turn table from the days when records recorded all sound. >> these were programs sometimes, half hour programs.
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and this is what recorded on. >> it is a museum for which time is running out. >> clearly they're looking for donations if you want to help, visit abc7 click see it on tv. >> good cause. >> coming up, do you ever wonder when players and coaches are talking about? funny lip reading up next. >> later, surprise give away in a san jose high school, today. >> in today's 7 on your side q and a just ahead. contact me on twitter ask i'll answer questions here live, later. >> here is a beautiful view of
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clouds today. and we'll have some tomorrow as well whchlt will there be rain? >> taking a look at traffic right now this, is interstate 80 near berkeley. you can see it's slow going in both directions on in get away equal access to health care... welcome to covered california. now, you can no longer be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition.
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enroll now at
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last year's cycle bad lip
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reading put out a spoof that went viral. >> yes. thier at it again. >> look, i can spin around the question cape. it's the party >> hill layer yichls >> i punched a high school kid in the knee. >> what are things you can gross you out? >> old folks al lerj yeez. having someone yucky like you. denim golf jeans and voldemort. >> what do you like if your dreams? >> wooden leg. >> they hit me in great britain the russian guy hadded a kitty cat. >> that is amazing. >> the cape was a good good.
4:39 pm
this is remarkable. they're not minute nip lating video just finding ways to sink this up. >> and coming up what these words? >> yes, i did say voldemort. >> we have a link on our web site click on see it on tv. what will they come up with for richard sherman? >> anything they put in there will be better than what he said, right sf >> that is true. >> high clouds and a hazy day the pattern continues into tomorrow. so showers, sunny, dry and a dusting of snow there. then dry in the west. across california
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tomorrow, we'll see hazy sunshine in the south. high temperatures still on the mild side a cross the bay area tomorrow, another hazy sunny day. s mid-70s inland and this pattern continues into next week we'll expect a cooler pattern and cloudy skies and a hint of winter weather. so maybe a new pattern is developing. >> yes. >> still ahead at 4:00 a
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sobering admission. a big revelation about her alcohol addiction. >> plus, tim cook speaking to abc news. the mac turns 30. how do they keep projects secret? >> which uses more water? washing dishes by hand, wishes washing dishes by hand, wishes by [ male announcer ] this is jim. a man who doesn't stand still. but jim has afib, atrial fibrillation, an irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem. that puts jim at a greater risk of stroke. for years, jim's medicine tied him to a monthly trip to the clinic to get his blood tested. but now, with once-a-day xarelto jim's on the move. jim's doctor recommended xarelto. like warfarin, xarelto is proven effective to reduce afib-related stroke risk. but xarelto is the first and only once-a-day prescription blood thinner for patients with afib not caused by a heart valve problem that doesn't require routine blood monitoring.
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you're an alcoholic? >> i am. it took me a long time to admit that to myself and to admit to my family. >> abc news reporter elizabeth vargas is acknowledging she's an alcoholic. she told george stephanopoulos and she spent several weeks in a treatment facility and now in alcoholics anonymous she returns tonight anchoring "2020" >> all of the machines will be generated by what is in that bag.
4:45 pm
>> today is the 30th birthday of the mac computer, on this day, steve jobs first unveiled the mac. doesn't that look absurd compared to now? it's the first successful computer to incorporate a graphic user interface and a mouse. tomorrow night original team will reunite at the flint center in cupertino. >> now to a look inside roo 30 years ago today, america meets the mac. i'd like to show you macintosh in person. >> happy anniversary. >> yes. >> we were invited inside apple to sit down with the man steve
4:46 pm
jobs hand picked to lead after him. >> you get e mails from customers every day and read them? >> yes, i do. i do. >> how many do you read? >> i get 700 or 800. i read a majority of those. >> every day? >> every day. i'm a work aalcoholing, which helps. >> it's true z infectious. >> the moment i saw the mac i knew some day i'd work at apple. >> we were working on something that was going to change the way people were going to use computers >> we believe people love surprises >> there are stories of brak drapes over products in development? >> yes. there are black drapes and locked doors other things. >> employees can't tell their families? >> yes. yes. it's true.
4:47 pm
>> are you a navy s.e.a.l.? >> so have you to find out what the next thing is. >> everyone looking for clues but little help from tim cook. he's on twitter. >> let me ask you about a tweet. >> tweeting we've begun manufacturing mac pro in austin the most powerful mac. >> we noticed austin, texas >> you're making computers in america. >> yes. we are. it's a big deal. and we have a huge investment in arizona. >> is it sapphire? >> it's the sapphire announcement. >> does that glass come off the line? >> i can't tell you that. >> i watch? >> or ring. >> you heard here, first. >> david squeezing them, squeezing for information. that
4:48 pm
sapphire glass is a specialty glass used to protect cameras and iphones. >> coming up david will have more on his interview with tim cook including what he wants to reveal about the surveillance program. a new jersey fifth grader joined his school band as a trumpet player this year. what is remarkable is that he was born without arms. >> he picked up the trumpet and said it just felt right. a local music store helped make a special stand and he's encouraging toerjz give music a chance. >> somebody out there that would like to try an instrument go ahead, try it you never know whatever happens if you like it, you like it. you don't, you don't keep trying. >> everybody who knows jamir says he wants to be treated like every other student. he is
4:49 pm
vowing to do his very best. >> michael finney is here answering questions you sent him and calliee mailed a returned a pair of glass that's cost nearly $400 now they're on sale for 90% off. i want to buy them for a discounted price but the store says no. >> she bought them, returned them and now wants them? here is the deal. in law school first thing they're going to teach you about contract law an offer is made, they put them for sale, 90% off. if you accept the offer you have an offer. i want to try to see you make the store do. that as long as they're not discrime nating against you, they may have it in the small print if you return something you can't buy it back. i don't
4:50 pm
know. have a friend go in to buy it, maybe. >> some people would return the item and then, buy back. it's prescription, it's hard. >> right. if they knew everybody was going to do that, or everybody did it, they couldn't allow returns anymore, right? >> it's complicated. barbara be mails i have prescription drugs that are considered controlled substances and i do not want to flush them, what should i do? >> go online, i'll put links on my web site a little bit later tonight. do not flush medication. yes. yes >> we'll together a list. >> does washing dishes by hand use less water than a dish washer? >> my inclination is by hand if
4:51 pm
you turn water off requires less? >> i just want to say flu season, use it. it kills germs more effectively. >> that is the first thing everyone will tell you. so a, you're correct. b? >> drag it out. >> dish washers use between half as much or less. >> yes. >> and they use less >> i hate whit she's right and i'm wrong. >> thank you >> sure. >> up next a wish give away. >> yes. i'm cheryl jennings. coming up at 5:00... >> i appreciate it.
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>> a veteran wins a fight and long legal battle tonight. and facebook fights back facebook fights back how reports good. good answer. check it out. learning's fun now. yeah, back in our day, we didn't have u-verse high speed internet to play and learn online. all we had was that franklin fuzzypants. ah, the educational toy bear. remember when the battery went out? give me [slowly, deeply] your abc's. all i learned was a new definition of fear. i need some pudding. yeah, there's one left. [ male announcer ] connect all your wi-fi-enabled devices with u-verse high speed internet. rethink possible.
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nooshgs southern california a frightening sur pris for a couple visiting pasadena. a bear the bear saw the couple but the couple didn't sea see the bear. it wasn't until the animal got close the tourists realized who is watching them >> i felt something brushed against my leg. i thought there is a dog in the house i closed the door and i shout "it's a bear" >> he has a small scratch on his leg but he'll be okay. this might be the bear we saw yesterday. >> how well can a group of 90
4:56 pm
high school students keep a secret? they surprised 12 people were w.wishes one granted a family a new set of wheels. david louie was there when these surprises were revealed. >> we're returned 1700 students resembled a stampede. students and teachers invited to make a wish. and 90 students try to make them come true. girls water polio team got new balls and got them. this teacher received tickets to disney on ice. and hailey, a new princess dress this, senior asked for a weekend trip for monterey for his mom. granted.
4:57 pm
>> this is our special place we've had it's great to be able to do it one more time. >> alana wish forward a van for the family because the old one was breaking down >> a couple times kids are late to school because the car just won't start. and this so this is unreal. >> general salesman ger wanted to help out. >> watching their expression hit down there. felt g >> alanis isn't sure why her wish was granted >> maybe because it was for the my whole family? i don't know. i'm still shocked by it. >> some wishes were fun, one teacher challenging hisston a
4:58 pm
tro trisickle race before he goes off to college. >> that is the best assembly, ever. that does it for the news at 4:00. abc7 news at 5:00 begins right now. >> that sounds decent. wipe outs earlier, everybody is okay. >> what a day it's been. and do have a winner. >> there was pressure not to stop. >> candid comments and mistakes made on the new bay bridge. >> most areas cooler today. what you can expect for the weekend coming up. >> wow. unbelievable. that is one of the biggest of the day. >> yes. >> high surf pounding the coastline today, and it was perfect, just in time for the
4:59 pm
xhet tigs and we have a winner tonight. >> the winner had big connections for 40-year-old grand "twiggy" baker we lost the video. he flew in from south africa. he lives part niem san francisco. and told he won. >> this feeling is indescribable. >> surfers did take stop spots at the competition. we're live now tonight with more. >> this year's mavericks did not disappoint. it had makings of a surfing movie. weather and waves
5:00 pm
were nearly before for the competition. sky seven hd captured shots over the 24 surfers and the competition filled with chills and spills this wipeout captured inside of a wave. but he's okay. organizers watched, keeping surfers safe >> you're dealing with the shape of a wave that is into frigid waters, shark-invested waters in front of just jagged


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